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Cindy Wilson "Sunrise" EP


Image of Cindy Wilson "Sunrise" EP

"Sunrise" is a 5-song EP performed by Cindy Wilson, Suny Lyons, Ryan Monahan, Lemuel Hayes, Sterling Campbell, Slade Adams and John Fernandes.

1. Sunrise - 3:28
2. Take My Time - 4:03
3. Brother - 2:55
4. Wake Up - 4:13
5. Corporeal - 5:35

Recording, mixing, mastering and artwork by Suny Lyons.

"Sunrise" and "Wake Up" written by Cindy Wilson, Suny Lyons and Ryan Monahan.

"Take My Time" written and originally performed by Junior Senior (Mortensen / Laursen). "Corporeal" written and originally performed by Broadcast (Keenan / Cargill). "Brother" originally performed by Oh-Ok (Levy / Rizzo).